Our mission is to create opportunities for building friendships based on respect and mutual understanding among people of all races, cultures and faiths.

هدف الجمعية هو إيجاد فرص لبناء صداقات مبنية على أسس الاحترام والتفاهم المتبادل بين جميع الناس بعض النظر عن العرق والثقافة والدين

המשימה שלנו היא ליצור הזדמנויות לבניית חברויות המבוססות על כבוד והבנה הדדית בין אנשים מכל הגזעים, התרבויות והדתות

使命: 我们的使命是为所有不同种族,不同文化,不同信仰的人民在相互尊重和理解的基础上建立友谊而创造机会。

ہمارا مشن تمام نسلوں، ثقافتوں اور مذاہب کے لوگوں میں احترام اور باہمی تفہیم پر مبنی دوستی کی تعمیر کے لئے مواقع پیدا کرنا ہے.

Nuestra misión es crear oportunidades para extender amistad basado en respeto mutual e comprensión entre todas raíces, culturas y fe

ماموریت ما این است برای ایجاد فرصت برای ایجاد دوستی بر اساس احترام و درک متقابل میان مردم از همه نژادها، فرهنگ ها و مذاهب

Notre mission est de créer des opportunités pour construire des amitiés fondées sur le respect et la compréhension mutuelle entre les peuples de toutes les races, cultures et religions.

हमारे मिशन के लिए सभी जातियों, संस्कृतियों और धर्मों के लोगों के बीच सम्मान और आपसी समझ के आधार पर दोस्ती के निर्माण के लिए अवसर पैदा करने के लिए है।

Friendship Park — A place to celebrate world friendships

The Friendship Park ...

The park is a living monument to and catalyst for inspiring the human spirit to seek out, begin and grow friendships through wondrous play, cooperative experiences and human interchange*, where cherished commonalities are celebrated, and those things unique to every race, culture and faith are discovered, explored and respected, to the end that friendships are celebrated, begin and flourish, making the world a safer and more joyful place.

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The Friendship Award ...

Mr. Daryl Davis – Recipient of our First Award

NOW RESIDING IN Silver Spring, MD, Chicago native Daryl Davis graduated from Howard University with a degree in Jazz. As a pianist, vocalist and guitarist, he performs nationally and internationally with The Daryl Davis Band, he has also worked with such notables as Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley’s Jordanaires, The Legendary Blues Band and many others. While music is his fulltime profession, seeking to improve race relations nationwide, has become a fulltime obsession.

Davis has received the Elliott-Black and MLK awards as well as numerous other local and national awards for his work in race relations. He lectures nationwide and abroad on the topic.

We are proud to present our First Friendship Award to Mr. Daryl Davis

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The Friendship Moving Forward...

• First Annual Memphis Friendship Foundation Award Banquet.
• First Friendship Scholarship for High School Seniors sponsored by Starbucks.
• Friendship Day Celebrations.
• Friendship 5K Run.
• Annual Spring Picnic.
• Blood Drives, and more…

The Mosque Across the Street

What happens when a mosque moves across the street from a church in the Bible Belt?

by Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran

“I just expected to be nice to some new people who were moving in, and we’d be cordial neighbors,” he said. “Now my life is so very changed by these friendships and relationships. I’ve been to weddings and parties that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve been part of events with people that I never knew.”

“It’s an amazing friendship,” he said, “that I can’t imagine having missed out on.”

Upstanders - Read the Story

About Us

An unusual and rare friendship has developed between the people of the Memphis Islamic Center and Heartsong Church. This special relationship began with a simple act of neighborly love. When Heartsong became aware that Muslims had bought the land across the street from them, a sign was quickly put up welcoming the Islamic Center to the neighborhood.

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We would love to talk with you about Friendship Park and the plans we have.  Recently, Tom Norquist, a speaker at a national conference, told a huge audience that he believes “play” will someday be used as a big contributor to world peace, and that he had met some people in Memphis who were hot on the trail of making that happen.

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